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The international civil and political rights news organization known as Actions For Justice ( AXJ ) has created a legal information website for all international members around the world.

If you are being stalked for being a member of AXJ please contact us asap and we will contact the Attorney to file for a Temporary Restraining Order ( TRO ) and try to have it served and enforced where ever the stalker may be. Please read the following information:

Law Offices of Stephen G. Rodriguez
633 West 5th Street, 26th Floor
Los Angeles, California 90071
Telephone : 1 (213) 223-2173


Stalking Law l Definition
Cyber Stalking | Celebrity Stalkers
Stalking Behavior | Charges | Defense

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney
California Criminal Lawyers

Stalking is a Crime

Stalking charges are serious and almost every state now has a strict stalking law.

Stalking includes cyber stalking (online stalking on the Internet), celebrity stalkers, workplace stalking, and any stalking behavior or harassment, which puts the stalking victim in fear for their safety.

Anti-stalking laws began in California in 1990, as a direct result of the murder of TV star Rebecca Schaffer and the repeated stabbing of film actress Theresa Saldana by an obsessed fan turned celebrity stalker in 1982. Although most people associate stalkers with celebrities, celebrity stalking is only a small part of total stalking statistics.

What is Stalking?

The definition of stalking is a series of unwanted actions or conduct that puts a person in fear for their safety.

Stalkers usually begin with persistent and annoying behavior that is not criminal, but progresses to stalking behavior that can be punished under California criminal stalking laws.

The California Stalking Law

In California, the stalking law is covered under Section 646.9 of the Penal Code, which states that any person who willfully and maliciously, and repeatedly follows or harasses another person and who makes a credible threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear for his or her safety or that of an immediate family member is guilty of stalking. Stalking cases may include additional related charges such as:

Criminal Threats
Obscene, Threatening, Annoying Phone Calls

Cyber Stalking- Stalking on the Internet

Recently there has been an emergence of a new kind of stalking, commonly referred to as cyber stalking, which simply means the use of the Internet, e-mail, or other online, electronic communication devices to stalk another person. Cyber stalking takes on many forms such as sending e-mail to the victim, impersonating the victim in chat rooms and e-mail messages, and spreading untruths in a chat room. The Internet is a very efficient and inexpensive way for cyber stalkers to intimidate, terrorize, and harm their victims while at the same time remaining anonymous.

Los Angeles Cyber Stalkers

In Los Angeles County, there have been numerous incidents of cyber stalking and the incidents are increasing. As a result, there are now specialized units within law enforcement available to investigate and prosecute these cyber stalking crimes. Known as the Stalking and Threat Assessment Team (or STAT), this team combines special sections of the Los Angeles Police Department and the District Attorneys office to ensure properly trained investigators and prosecutors are available when cyber stalking cases arise.

Stalking Crime Penalties

Stalking can be charged either as a misdemeanor or a felony. If the stalking charge is a first-time offense, without aggravating factors, the charge is likely to be considered a misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in county jail. Second-time stalking offenses with the same victim and some aggravating factors would be considered a felony, punishable by up to five years in state prison.

The degree and extent of stalking charges depend upon the number of aggravating factors and the defendants' prior criminal record. For example, if the defendant has one or more prior stalking convictions or related offenses involving the same victim, the stalking charges will increase. Some of the stalking aggravating factors are:

Seriousness of the harm to the victim which the stalker caused or at least risked
Possession by defendant of deadly weapon by the stalker
Whether victim was a minor

Stalking is a very serious crime, needing a serious defense. Contact Los Angeles crimes attorney Stephen G. Rodriguez & Associates today for a free and private consultation if you are being accused of stalking.

Law Offices of Stephen G. Rodriguez
633 West 5th Street
26th Floor
Los Angeles, California 90071
(213) 223-2173

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